The Lab' by VIDELIO

Innovation enables a client-oriented strategy to be developed and growth to be stimulated thereby encouraging competitiveness and differentiation in the marketplace.

This is the objective of the Lab’ by VIDELIO, created in November 2012. The Lab’, the Group’s remarkable research and development cluster, is a place of excellence dedicated to innovation at the service of our clients and supporting the emergence of new applications.

By having expert knowledge of our technologies, we innovate and therefore create sustainable growth.


Its mission is also to act as a Start-Up incubator

Its purpose is to encourage technological and innovative creation within the Group’s different areas of business (audiovisual, unified communications, etc., the present and future digital world), by drawing on both in-house and external expertise.
This mission seeks to meet an objective of stimulation and enhancement of technologies and innovations that are being developed every day.
Our place will be to provide support to innovators embarking on ventures in order to help them approve and seize opportunities that they wish to materialize in enduring projects.

  • Two commissions a year select projects at each in-house and external session
  • Project commissions are formed by the Group’s management committee, administrators, clients, trade specialists, and others
  • Each project will have an appointed sponsor

With the opening of the first session scheduled for September 2014, The Lab’ promises to be the benchmark incubator for startups in the sector.
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