How to attract the attention of participants at a convention ?

Published on 23/10/2017

Today, in France and abroad thousands of corporate events take place every day: seminars, conventions, conferences, training courses… many different formats which generally have a common goal, to get a precise message across. All are equally confronted to an unavoidable reality: the audience can only remember 3 major ideas at the best and the attention span rarely exceeds
10 minutes, especially if the participants remain passive and are bombarded by hundreds of slides over several hours.

From these facts, the challenge for the organisers is to surprise the audience to get its attention and trigger interest. We all remember the Keynote address by Steve Jobs at the launch of the first
i-Phone, it was a masterful and dazzling act but unfortunately not everybody is Steve Jobs. This is why the main problem still remains, how to attract attention and get the audience involved during a presention of large or small scale.

To achieve this goal, there are several golden rules, the first one being interaction. Indeed, it is of fundamental importance to dialogue with the public by asking meaningful questions to implicate the participant. In order to facilitate these interactions it is possible to use applications developed  for this purpose, here are a few examples :

  • We are Logo : federate the audience around a logo. An application allows to create in real time your logo from photographs of the audience. This creates a moment of togetherness increasing the feeling of belonging and commitment of the staff.
    The photos can be shot as they arrive at the event or have been supplied beforehand by the organising team. Wow ! effect guaranteed.
  • A voting system to interrogate the audience. The application allows the participants to reply in real time to a question put forth to them through a voting  box or a smartphone/tablet application with instant display on a large screen/projector of the response statistics. A guaranteed atteniongetter !
  • Games to entertain the audience. An application allowing to bring a playful dimension to the presentation or to the contents presented, notably if the participants are split into teams with a tablet at the centre of a table. For instance, after viewing a video questions can be asked about precise items in the video, the first team who replies correctly to the questions is proclaimed as the winner.
  • Social Wall : lets the audience express itself. The application allows the participants to comment an event via social networks. A screen displays comments linked to a defined hashtag (#) but also to ask questions via SMS texting. Fun photos galore !
  • We Are GuestBook  : gives the guests a digital commenting media. The application is a digital version of the traditional guest book. The participants write a commentary and take a photo. The message is animated and the photo becomes a leaf in a tree display. Federates and implicates the participants around a common project.

Secondly, it is of primordial importance to speak in a clear and precise manner all while giving a rythm to one's discourse. Put energy into the arguments, mark pauses, use the available space to avoid monotony and as a tool to actively maintain the audience's attention.

  • Modern, highperformance dynamic presentation systems are of great assistance. A large choice of displays are available to you : floor mounted screens with sizes ranging from 55" to 152", video projection over a traditional white screen or virtual sets offering a totally immersive experience.

Finally, it is important to create a genuine mood inside the event. To achieve this, today's modern technologies are at your service. Sound, lighting, still pictures, videos, all these media are great ways to enhance your presentations. Using powerful tools and visual media will make the event memorable, just remember to avoid falling into the trap of an endless and dreary PowerPoint presentation...


To illustrate the above guidelines, let's discover a variety of solutions installed by the VIDELIO-Events teams, some designed to make the audience actively participate, others to immerse the guests and make them live a true experience !


INNO GENERATION – BPI –  When music gives the rythm of the speech

Within the frame of the 3rd edition of the BPI France Inno Generation conference, an immersive space was created to give entrepreneurs an opportunity to boost their growth !
indeed, 64 speakers followed one another during the event held at the Accor Hotel Arena with a presentation time limited to 8 minutes per guest. Each presentation was therefore timed to last the duration of a music track chosen by the presenter himself. Other tools can be used as timers such as video, lighting or even a robot. On this project, the VIDELIO-Events teams were in charge of the video projection facilities.




OUR OCEAN – immersion at the heart of the oceans

Last october, the island of Malta played host to the conference "Our Ocean" on the theme of ocean preservation all over the world. The European Commission invited heads of states, ministers and personnalities concerned by the cause. Over two days several tens of presentations followed one another on the stage of the Conference Room. In order to immerse the participants into the conference's theme, an immersive projection system was installed allowing to display images not only at the rear of the stage but also across the ceiling. Ten 30 000 Lumen projectors were required , giving the impression to be at the heart of the ocean. The end result was breath taking !



"Minority Report" ambience – LINNC

In june, professionals in the field of interventional neuroradiology met in the conference rooms of the Carrousel du Louvre at the LINNC congress.

In order to offer to the thousands of attendants who came from all over the world to follow conferences presented by the greatest doctors and watch practical cases being performed in operating rooms, Europa Organisation called upon the services of VIDELIO-Events to imagine a scenography mixing 3D viewing and interactivity.

Therefore a 3D video projection system was installed to give more realism to the medical professionnals lectures, the audience being encouraged to wear 3D glasses to discover the imagery in augmented reality. The presenters were also able to control the projection through a transparent touch-sensitive panel installed in the centre of the stage. Results were amazing, immersing the participants into an ambience akin to the movie "Minority Report" thanks to the contents created by media company SUPERBIEN.




PARIS CHALLENGE -  A participative application 

At the beginning of may, the Hotel d'Evreux and the Jean-Pierre Beltoise automobile racing track hosted the Renault P.A.R.I.S World Challenge. The Renault auto maker reunited for the span of a day its some 90 world-wide importers in order to honour 12 winners.

Hopscotch and Renault relied upon the expertise of VIDELIO-Events for the audiovisual aspects of the event. The teams hereby developed a tablet application allowing to display on a LED video wall pictures as well as the signing of the guests as they climbed on stage. A fun and unusual entertainment allowing the participants to become actors in the content displayed on screen !



A few examples to show you that there is a wide choice of solutions at your disposal, so don't wait anymore and get your audience involved !

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