VIDELIO–Events at the Paris Town Hall for the presidential ceremony of Emmanuel Macron

Published on 22/05/2017
The new President of the 5th French Republic Emmanuel Macron was sworn into office on Sunday may 14th and the ceremony was displayed live on the plaza in front of the Paris Town Hall.
As a technical partner of the Paris Town Hall, the VIDELIO-Events teams participated to the ceremony by enhancing the scope of the event :
- A 46 square meter giant LED video screen with sound system was installed on the plaza

- 75 inch screens were set up in the ballroom to view the very first speech of the new president

- VIDELIO-Events also supplied a production kit for sign-language video captioning

- Our teams were also in charge of routing the broadcast TV signals supplied by France 2 to the ballroom screens, the GlobCast production vans and France 2's master control room for the insertion of the sign language window.

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